Bridging silos.Mobile technology-enhanced Team Care as a holistic approach to care for somatic, psychological, and behavioral needs of cardiac patients.

Friday, Oct. 26th 2018, 11:30 – 19:00, Göttingen

Dear colleagues,
We welcome you to our workshop conference

Bridging silos.
Mobile technology-enhanced Team Care as a holistic approach to care for somatic, psychological,  and behavioral needs of cardiac patients.

This interdisciplinary event provides an opportunity to bring together individuals from psychosomatics, cardiology, behavioral medicine, and psychiatry from both Germany and the USA. Starting with a poster and mhealth demonstration, we will address the challenges of working with multimorbid cardiac patients in Germany. Presentations by renowned experts in the fields of collaborative care and mobile technology will provide the basis for a panel discussion about ways to integrate collaborative care and mhealth in cardiac care.
A continued major challenge of secondary prevention in patients with cardiovascular and other chronic diseases is the integration of healthy behavior into their daily routine. Patients’ motivation and ability to adhere to recommended lifestyle and medical regimens are often limited, especially in patients experiencing psychosocial distress, which frequently co-occurs with heart disease. Blended collaborative care, using pro-active communication with patients and health care providers to improve both distress/depression and health behaviors, has shown pro¬mising results in patients with coronary heart disease both in the United States and in a pilot study conducted at the DZHK partner site Göttingen. Furthermore, recent advances in mobile health applications may constitute a valuable instrument for enhancing communication with and feedback to patients and providers and for offering just in time adaptive interventions based on the patients’ current physiological and psychological status.
However, these approaches are little known in Germany and remain untested.
Through our workshop conference we want to familiarize a German audience with the design and implementation of collaborative care concepts and the development of advanced electronic systems and mobile health applications as supplements to guideline-based medical treat¬ments. In addition, we provide sufficient time for lively discussions how the technological and the patient-centered approaches can be combined to improve quality of life and disease outcomes in patients with cardiovascular diseases in Germany.
Our conference will conclude with a networking reception to facilitate interaction with the invited speakers and poster or app presenters.
We hope that our workshop conference will introduce you to exciting new ideas and provide an opportunity to create new collaborations with colleagues nationally and internationally.

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